Photo by Sophie  Spinelle

Photo by Sophie Spinelle

Gail Ghezzi has been an award-winning art director for more than two decades. After graduating from the University of Florida, in Graphic Design, she eventually came to New York City in order to toughen up a bit. She sharpened her skills (and tongue) while designing for the pioneering rap label, Select Records, during the height of early hip-hop. She then moved on to gain some muscle as art director for the Sports Publishing Group at Times Mirror Magazines; while there, she oversaw publications for Major League Baseball, the US Golf Association, and the World Cup.

In 1996, and in prime condition, Gail tackled the position of Design Director when she joined Ziff-Davis's Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine, a new print publication devoted to the online world, just as the Internet began to take over the universe. The magazine grew from a circulation of 100,000 to 1.2 million in only four years. At Yahoo! Internet Life, Ghezzi's work as Design Director won numerous awards from the Society of Publication Designers (SPD), including a Redesign of the Year award.

In 2002, she was ready to fight the fight of environmental activists at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), one of the nation's largest environmental advocacy groups, where she served as the art director for the NRDC's national and journalistically independent magazine, OnEarth. She held this position until the shuttering of the print magazine in summer 2014. During Ghezzi's tenure there, the magazine regularly won design awards from SPD and Folio.

Gail is currently designing and art directing for companies including Hearst Media, Simon & Schuster, and clients in the media and entertainment industries.

When Gail is not designing for clients, she is an artist who creates shadow boxes that explore death and mortality through found objects, photographs and narrative. They have been exhibited at art galleries in New York City and can be viewed at